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We love what we do. Our team of designers, writers and marketing strategists take pride in creating stunning designs, awesome copy and powerful campaigns that will reposition your brand in the eyes of your audience.

Whether it’s designing a business card, a company logo or a product website, we approach all of them with the same enthusiasm and excitement as if it were our first project. To us, no deliverable or no client is small or big. To us, what matters is only whether we have exceeded our client's expectations or not.

If you think this is all sales talk, we suggest you drop us an e-mail at And be prepared to be pleasantly surprised in the days to come.

Our Service Offerings include designing of:

+ Company/Product Logo
A logo is the most recognizable aspect of a company or product, and is central to its visual identity. Designing a logo is one of those things that give us a high. The need to present a relevant concept and create a vibrant design with the right mix of colors, in a limited area of space, is a challenge we enjoy.
When we take up your logo design, we will thoroughly research your industry, your company background, your unique selling proposition, your business goals and aspirations, as well as the future roadmap of your company in order to come with a visually striking and insightful logo.

+ Brand Identity Material
If logo is the central character in the brand story, there are other elements that are equally important and bolster its visual appeal. Business Cards, Letterheads and Envelopes are a routine part of a company’s interaction with the outside world. In addition to being elegant, their design must be coherent with the overall brand image.
In addition to designing the stationery, we can connect you with agencies who can take care of other paraphernalia like bags, t-shirts, satchels etc that are given away to employees, vendors and partners. We will be a single point of contact and manage all these deliverables in a cost-effective and timely manner.

+ Brochures / Leaflets / Flyers
Printed collateral are an important ingredient in any sales or marketing initiative and are indispensable at tradeshows and other business events. They are a ready reckoner of information on the company or its offerings, and enable sales personnel to make a quick connect with prospective clients.
We understand the importance of such collateral which is why we have expert copywriters from various backgrounds who understand technology and creativity equally well. They are well-complemented by our graphic designers who can come up with attractive and professional-looking designs for the collateral.

+ Posters / Banners / Backdrops
If brochures and flyers give a snapshot of the company and its offerings, posters, banners and backdrops are required for making important announcements in a visually striking manner. When one would like to elicit a quick reaction from prospective buyers, there is nothing like a poster or large backdrop at an event, to do so.
Having attended innumerable events ourselves and being focused on marketing, we know exactly how to design that poster or banner which will turn heads and invite prospective customers to have a dialogue with you.

+ Product Catalogues
Product Catalogues are no longer those single-color booklets with pages and pages of technical details and a few images. Marketers are using catalogues to impress prospective customers by presenting unique information, relevant tips, colorful imagery, and elegant packaging along with all the technical information. It has become a powerful marketing tool, and in some industry verticals, companies invest significant cost in catalogues to outdo their competitors.
As your marketing communication partner, we understand your business concerns and can design catalogues that will wow its readers. We have created various templates for this and can customize them further depending on your need.

+ Corporate Profile
A Corporate Profile can be created in different ways. From the standard brochure-like booklet, to a series of videos, to a profile kit that is downloadable from the company website, companies are exploring every possible method of presenting the company profile in a concise manner.
We are equipped to handle all these variations, and will present your company in the best possible way keeping your market position and business goals in mind. In addition to our team of designers and copy-writers, we have access to recording studios and voice-over artists to do a complete job.

+ Hoardings
Hoardings are an eternal ingredient of any outdoor marketing campaign. In an over-marketed world, a hoarding that has the right headlines and visually appealing imagery can enthrall viewers, slow down traffic, and create powerful memory recall.
We have experience in designing and deploying hoardings using different kinds of surface material. In addition, we have the relevant partnerships with outdoor media companies and PR agencies to manage the hoarding campaigns as a single-point-of-contact for you.

+ Visual Merchandize
Retail outlets across different business categories need to present their merchandize in an attractive and convenient manner to enhance the shopping experience for customers. This requires in-depth knowledge of the retail business, as well as a passion for customer delight.
We have experience and expertise in creating environmental graphics, retail outlet layouts, aisle designs, etc to make your outlet stand out. We even have access to lighting experts and décor companies and handle the complete project for you as a single-point-of-contact.

+ Product Packaging
In addition to product, and price, packaging is the 3rd important P which makes up the holy trinity of retail business. Packaging sets a company’s offerings apart, and can make or break a product in today’s fiercely competitive world.
Going beyond visual merchandizing for a retail outlet, we also have the expertise to design packaging for those products that will go on the outlet’s shelves. We can create designs for any industry sector, and for any kind of packaging surface, and share it with you for integration into the assembly line.

+ Electronic Direct Mailers/ Newsletters
EDMs, Newsletters, Case Studies and Whitepapers are important customer/prospect engagement mechanisms, and are indispensable tools in the hands of sales and marketing personnel. Depending on the industry vertical concerned, the design for these online tools can vary widely. It takes experience and insight to know the best-fit design and imagery for the same.
Our experience in designing different kinds of marketing collateral gives us the expertise to create professional-looking and striking EDMs, Newsletters, Case Studies and Whitepapers. With these at their disposal, your sales and marketing personnel can generate leads better and derive better ROI from your marketing spend.

+ Internet & Intranet Websites / Banner Ads
Websites are the face of a company to the outside world and can make a huge difference in the perceptions created in prospective clients and employees. Further, the explosion in smartphones and handheld devices that are ‘always on’ means that websites cannot just be impressive. They must also be interactive and optimized for various devices.
Sharva has enough experience in designing websites for various industry verticals and using a wide variety of technologies required to achieve the desired effect. We will design websites that will create the right kind of impact and generate high-quality leads.
Banner ads are again an important online marketing tool, bringing referral visitors from other websites and increasing the quantum of leads generated.

and more...